When to Replace a Serpentine Belt

Serpentine Belt

Your commercial truck keeps your business running in Northern Chicago or Kenosha. When you have an unexpected repair, it can grind your workday to a halt and cost a lot more than just the number on the repair bill. Knowing the lifespan of your truck’s basic hardware and understanding when to replace a serpentine belt can save you time, which saves you money. Let Lynch Truck Center help!

How Long Does a Serpentine Belt Last?

The serpentine belt is a long belt that distributes power to your truck’s alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning system. It’s made of sturdy rubber so you can expect a long life span, usually 50,000 to 100,000 miles. How long does a serpentine belt last in commercial vehicles? Just note that the wear and tear will be determined by weight and friction, which can vary widely in the commercial marketplace.

When you start noticing any of the following, you’ll know when to replace a serpentine belt:

  • Squealing noises indicate that the belt has stretched or its tension is low, or the belt and pulley aren’t correctly connected.Wear and tear signs are easily recognizable. You’ll see cracks, uneven wear, etc. on the belt.
  • If the power steering and/or air conditioning fail, your serpentine belt needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Total belt failure results in a breakdown, which can be extremely dangerous for you and others on Milwaukee roads. Catching problems early on can prevent this.

The Lynch Truck Center’s parts and service departments are here when it’s time to replace your truck’s serpentine belt.

What is a Belt Tensioner?

In the vast majority of modern vehicles, the drive and serpentine belts are held on belt tensioners. These devices use an internal spring and pulley system in order to distribute tension more efficiently, and limit the amount of damage which accrues over time.

It should go without saying that belt tensioners also help to keep the belt in place. If you just replaced your belt, but you’re still noticing problems with your steering, cooling system, or engine, you may need to replace your belt tensioners. In fact, taking care of both services at the same time is a great way to save time and energy.

Trust the Lynch Truck Center With Your Truck’s Maintenance

Keep your truck working hard in Racine by following our commercial truck maintenance checklist. When you stay on top of your truck’s maintenance, your truck will keep you on the job and safe. From serpentine belts to tires and wheels, the Lynch Truck Center keeps your truck in shape.

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