What is a Fuse Box in a Car?

Fuses are small connectors that prevent an overflow of electric power from reaching vulnerable electronic components, and every amater or professional technician should know how to find a car’s fuse box. Sometimes, problems that seem expensive to fix really just require a replacement fuse, and that means you’re looking at an easy solution.

What’s Inside Your Fuse Box?

If you’re looking for specifics, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “What is a fuse box?” Diagram aggregators like Fuse-box.info can help you figure out which components are channeled through particular fuses. They can also help you determine whether the fuse you’re looking for runs through the fuse box under the hood, or through the fuse box beneath the dashboard.

However, if you’re just wondering about the kinds of systems that are controlled by your vehicle’s fuse box, we can help. Here’s a brief list of the systems that connect to your fuse boxes:

  1. Your ignition switch
  2. Your power steering system
  3. Your horn
  4. Your A/C and heating systems
  5. Your anti-lock brake system
  6. Your turn signals and interior lights
  7. Your heated seats
  8. Your windshield wipers
  9. Your stereo system

How to Find a Car’s Fuse Box

Although the answer to the question, “Can you access a car’s fuse box?” may differ, the vast majority of models do have two accessible fuse boxes:

  1. If you’re looking for a fuse box under the hood, start your search on the driver’s side of the car. The black box that you’re looking for should be clearly labeled with the word ‘FUSES’.
  2. If you’re looking beneath the dashboard, you may need to do a bit more digging. It’s often beneath the steering wheel, hidden behind a small removable panel that also bears the word ‘FUSES’.

If you’re looking at a blown fuse, you’ll probably notice a small area of the wire or fusible element that looks burnt out; it will often differ in color from the rest of your fuses. Replacement fuses are generally available at any local parts department, whether you’re based in Waterford or Racine.

Fuse Box

Need Help with Your Fuse Box?

If you have trouble locating one or both of your fuse boxes, don’t give up hope. Drivers near Northern Chicago and Milwaukee can reference their owner’s manual, contact our service center online, or schedule service to get the help they need.

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