For years Lynch Truck Center in Waterford, WI has been a proud distributor for Miller Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of wrecker bodies and tow truck equipment for sale. With a solid reputation for providing quality recovery trucks, rollbacks, wreckers, and tow truck equipment for sale, along with first-rate service, parts, and accessories, Miller Industries upholds the same values as Lynch Truck Center which attributes to our successful relationship.

Capable of handling a wide range of tough towing and recovery jobs, Miller’s quality recovery tow trucks for sale range in capacity from 8 to 75 tons, suitable for a vast variety of applications. While light and medium duty recovery trucks are used for general recovery, to remove illegally parked, abandoned or disabled vehicles from accident scenes – heavy duty tow trucks are used in tough towing and recovery applications, including overturned tractor trailers, buses, motor homes and other large vehicles. With SidePuller series, Miller revolutionized their rollback wreckers for sale for both towing and recovery applications.

Photo of new tow truck bodies by Miller Industries.

Pictured here are the Chevron 408 and 512, Vulcan 894, and Holmes DTU tow bodies.

Lynch wrecker and tow truck division at Waterford, WI stocks a wide variety of Miller Industries‘ world-renowned brands such as Century, Challenger, Champion, Holmes and Vulcan wreckers, tow trucks & rollback trucks for sale, known for their power, durability and remarkable performance. Mounted to Isuzu, Ford, Chevy, GMC, International Trucks and/or Navistar International, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack and Volvo, brand name chassis, our selection of new and used tow trucks, wreckers, carriers & rollbacks for sale and tow truck equipment deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Our large inventory of Miller Industries’ tow truck equipment, along with Century, Challenger, Holmes and Vulcan tow truck parts and accessories ensures our customers that we can custom build any flatbed, tow truck, rollback, wrecker or car carrier on site, tailored to your specifications. If you’re looking for style and craftsmanship without giving up strength and durability, stop by and see our complete line of Miller tow truck equipment sales along with a wide selection of new and used wreckers, tow trucks & rollbacks for sale at Lynch Truck Center in Waterford, WI.


Photo of a Century 4024 on Freightliner M2

Century produces tow trucks and wreckers ranging from 8-ton light duty models to 75-ton heavy duty tow trucks for sale, from versatile 7035 to integrated 9055 heavy duty wreckers to 1040S & 1060S Century rotator tow trucks for sale. Miller Industry’s product line also includes a range of Century rollbacks for sale, in lengths from 20 to 30 feet. Century wreckers & towing equipment are designed to be fast, easy and safe to operate, and are ideally suited for high-volume towing and recovery work.

Lynch Truck Center stocks a wide variety of new and used Century towing equipment, along with fully equipped recovery tow trucks and Century wreckers for sale, built for rugged durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. Century tow trucks & wreckers ensure an easy one-man hauling, towing and recovery operation -all in one package. In addition, an array of optional equipment for Century wreckers, as well as other Century tow truck equipment, is available through Lynch Truck Center’s Parts and Service Department, conveniently located at the intersection of Highways 20 and 36 in Waterford, WI.

Century’s 1040s and 1060S Rotators, that set the industry standard for superior design and performance in heavy duty towing and recovery equipment for years

Whether you need a Century 3212 medium duty wrecker, Century 1130 rotator tow truck for sale or innovative Century RXP stabilizers for heavier loads and difficult recoveries – Lynch Truck Center’s selection of Century wreckers & tow truck equipment for sale is sure to meet all your specific towing and recovery needs.


Photo of Miller Industries car carriers

Pictured here are Vulcan, Century and Chevron 10-series car carriers by Miller Industries.

Vulcan product line includes a range of tow trucks & wreckers for sale, from 8-ton light duty to 50-ton heavy duty Vulcan models. Vulcan wreckers & rollback tow trucks for sale owe its popularity to top quality composite body material, practical design, and incredible performance. Vulcan steel & aluminum recovery wreckers and towing equipment ensure high quality, durability and reliability, coupled with safe and easy towing and recovery operation. In addition to conventional rollback tow trucks, we offer specialty Vulcan LCG rollback wreckers for sale, specifically designed to accommodate transport of taller loads.

Innovative V-70 integrated heavy-duty Vulcan tow trucks for sale offer the right mix of power, performance and value for all your heavy duty towing and recovery needs, featuring:

  • Vulcan patented double action tilt system
  • High yield steel vital components to minimize weight and allow for more legal payload while maximizing strength and durability
  • Hydraulic components that provide the power to the winches, boom, and underlift to handle the most demanding jobs

See our complete line of Vulcan tow truck equipment, brought to you by one of the nation’s top truck body manufacturers, in addition to a wide selection of Miller’s unique towing equipment and units for sale.


Challenger has a long-standing reputation for providing rugged tow truck equipment that can withstand the toughest towing and hauling jobs imaginable. With capacities ranging from 8 to 75 tons, Challenger recovery tow trucks and wreckers feature unique towing and recovery options such as the integrated underlift for difficult-to-tow vehicles, an independent wheel lift for quick damage-free second car towing, and hydraulic auto load systems with extended reach for easy vision and hookup. From towing and transporting cars to serious hauling, Challenger offers recovery wreckers and tow truck equipment that can handle the toughest jobs.


Holmes truck equipment includes wreckers with 8 to 16-ton capacities, a 16-ton rotator and Holmes detachable towing unit (DTU) for sale, designed to fully stand up to the everyday demands placed upon it.

Holmes 16 Ton Rotator tow truck for sale, the most versatile rotator tow truck unit from the oldest and most trusted tow truck equipment name in the industry, easily handles a wide range of vehicles from autos through trucks. Holmes DTU (detachable towing unit) offers proven design and technology to turn your tow truck or wrecker to multifunctional recovery vehicle, capable of handling towing and pulling trailers. Holmes truck equipment, tow units, and wreckers provide years of tough, dependable towing and hauling service.

Lynch Truck Center’s towing division solely stocks Miller’s unique towing equipment & tow truck units, parts and accessories in the service department and our light, medium and heavy-duty inventory of wreckers, tow trucks & rollbacks include Miller’s name brands such as Century, Challenger, Champion, Holmes and Vulcan mounted to Isuzu, Ford, Chevy, GMC, IHC, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Kenworth brand name chassis. To learn more about Miller Industries, please visit their website.