Who Makes HINO Trucks?

2020 258LP HINO

For more than a century, Hino engines, buses, and trucks have provided the performance that makes the modern world go round, but who makes Hino trucks, anyway? Hino Motors Ltd. is based in Japan, and they oversee a manufacturing process that spans continents. Here in the states, operations are carried out by Hino Motors Manufacturing, U.S.A, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hino Motors Ltd.

What Company Makes HINO Trucks?

Hino Motors Ltd. carries out its activities on a largely independent basis, but if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, you’ll find another exciting answer to the question of what company makes Hino trucks! That’s because Hino Motors Ltd. is a proud part of the Toyota Group, currently under the Toyota Motor division.

Hino Motors Ltd. became a part of the Toyota Group all the way back in 1967, when they were still known as the Hino Diesel Industry Co. Even so, they were only acquired by Toyota Motor relatively recently, in 2001. Since that time, they’ve dramatically expanded their operations, while developing new trucks and powertrain options to fit the needs of a changing, global economy.

Where Are HINO Trucks Made?

Hino Motors Ltd. manufactures vehicles all over the world, under a handful of subsidiaries. Currently, facilities are operational in Canada, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines, Russia, and even in the United States!Hino trucks in the U.S. are primarily manufactured and assembled at two facilities, in Williamsburg, West Virginia and in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. The new Hino trucks with Cummins engines will be built in West Virginia and North Carolina. Additionally, Hino has parts manufacturing plants in Ontario, California and Marion, Arkansas. In addition to manufacturing components for Hino trucks, these latter facilities build suspension parts, axles, and knuckles for a variety of Toyota vehicles, including trucks like the Tacoma and the Tundra!

Side View of HINO Chassis Cab

Find Your Hino Truck at Lynch Truck Center

The Lynch Truck Center is proud to serve the Milwaukee and Racine areas with a wide variety of new and pre-owned Hino trucks, and we’re equally glad to be a one-stop-shop for all of your Hino truck needs. We can even help you learn about the Hino 268 specs, and so much more, while you’re here.

Whether you need more information on Hino telematics, or you’re searching for Hino service, you can count on our team to uphold this brand’s 100+ year legacy. Don’t just take our word for it–we’re HINO CERTIFIED ULTIMATE.

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