Understanding Commercial Vehicle Upfitting

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Commercial vehicle upfitting is the process of configuring and customizing a vehicle in order to meet the demands of your particular industry. Although you might be used to thinking about vehicles as ‘finished products’, commercial vehicles like cargo vans or heavy-duty chassis cab trucks are better thought of as base packages that you can build on. Understanding commercial vehicle upfitting puts you in the position to craft the perfect vehicle for your needs, so find out how to upfit a van or a truck with the Lynch Truck Center!

How to Upfit a Van or a Truck: Planning and Execution

You’ve already got a sense of why one might wish to upfit a commercial vehicle, but what does upfitting mean in practice? Here’s a closer look at the upfitting process from start to finish:

Consider your real needs and talk to your drivers! 

  • Think about your needs, or the needs of your employees, and make a list of what you actually require.
  • Your van or truck might need to transport tons of equipment while also acting as a mobile office or a base of operations, so try and consider every angle.
  • At the same time, trying to do too much with a single vehicle can mean that the vehicle isn’t really suited to any particular operation.

If you’re a fleet manager, the biggest mistake that you can make is failing to consult with the people who actually use the vehicles. A ride-along in one of your current vehicles could be eye-opening.

Plan the Whole Process Before You Buy

  • No amount of upfitting can make up for an improper choice of vehicle. Before you browse our new or pre-owned inventories, consult with an expert and determine what kind of capabilities you require.
  • Not all upfits will be compatible with all vehicles. In some cases, you may need to start from scratch to build a vehicle that will accommodate your requirements.
  • Upfitting can get expensive, but this isn’t where you’ll want to cut costs! Budget accordingly and find out what everything will cost you.

When you know what kind of upfits you’ll be adding, you’ll be in a much stronger position to choose the perfect commercial vehicle. 

Work with an Upfitting Team You Can Trust

Lynch Truck Center is your source for commercial truck parts and accessories near Northern Chicago and Milwaukee. Although we sell plenty of ready-to-go work trucks that have already been through the upfitting process, the experts at one of our easy-to-reach parts centers can help you understand commercial vehicle upfitting and take the next steps without stress.

How to Upfit a Van or a Truck: Popular Options and Ideas

Need a little help getting started? A brief introduction to common upfits can help you learn how to upfit a van or a truck with confidence:

If you’re upfitting a truck, you might be starting from a pickup base or a chassis cab base. Although your options will vary in either case, some of the most popular configurations include:

  • Pickups with mobile office upfits or extra towing attachments
  • Pickup trucks with service bodies for organizing parts and tools
  • Chassis cabs with dump truck bodies
  • Chassis cabs with flatbeds or stake beds
  • Chassis cabs with box truck attachments

If you need to know how to upfit a van, you should know that many packages are available, and specified by industry. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and many more professions will all have certain ready-made options to consider. Vans can also be outfitted with ladders, extra space for organizing tools, cargo-area ventilation, and partitions.

Upfit Your Vehicle with the Lynch Truck Center!

Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-go work truck or you’re just starting the process of planning your next upfit, we’re here to assist you with any questions that arise. Contact us today, or take advantage of our vehicle finder service and tell us exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re anywhere near Waterford or Racine, it’s easy to find a location near you.

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