Is Diesel Better Than Gas?

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A lot of drivers around Northern Chicago are asking “why is diesel better than gas?” While there are many reasons to love a diesel engine as opposed to a gas option, both have unique qualities that bring separate advantages. Read on to discover what is better, diesel or gas, for your travels and Milwaukee worksite. Then find your next great diesel or gas-powered pickup, towing truck, and more in our inventory!

The Difference Between Diesel and Gas

To answer “Is diesel better than gas,” you’ll need to take a closer look at how the two types of engines function. Simply stated, the difference between diesel fuel and common gasoline is their chemical composition and how the engine is designed to ignite the fuel. Take a look at the technical differences to decide for yourself what is better: diesel or gas?

  • Diesel and gas engines are internal combustion engines. In the combustion engine for gasoline, air and fuel are added and pressurized to allow the air to ignite easily, driving the rest of the engine. In diesel engines, only air is present at first.
  • The ratio at which gas trucks tend to compress air and fuel is 10:1. For diesel trucks, the ratio ranges from 15:1 to 25:1. This higher ratio results in a hotter cylinder, and because diesel fuel ignites itself, spark plugs usually aren’t necessary.
  • An engine’s efficiency is largely determined by the difference between its maximum cold and hot temperatures. The higher the compression ratio, the smaller the minimum/maximum difference in temperature. This is one of the reasons why diesel engines are so economical.

Benefits of a Diesel Truck Over a Gas Truck

Is diesel better than gas? In some regards yes. See below why many Racine drivers choose a diesel engine:

  • Greater Fuel Economy: Diesel fuel is more expensive than regular fuel. However, diesel engines are usually much more efficient than gas engines, meaning you’ll make fewer stops during your daily operations, creating a more efficient model for fleets and commercial drivers. You can also treat your diesel fuel to further improve performance.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: For those who ask, “why is diesel better than gas? It comes down to a simpler construction, which may yield a longer lifespan. With proper maintenance, it’s not uncommon for diesel engines to last 500,000+ miles.
  • Higher Torque & Towing Capacities: Diesel trucks produce significantly higher torque, resulting in the ability to tow much heavier loads. Diesel engines are true workhorses.
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Benefits of a Gas Truck Over a Diesel Truck

So what is better, diesel or gas? Those who prefer the agility and affordability of a gasoline engine might reason with these pros below:

  • Easier to Refuel: Diesel fuel can be a little more difficult to find on a dime.
  • More Affordable to Maintain: Although diesel engines are less complex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re less expensive. Diesel engines often require costlier parts or parts that aren’t easy to find–except at the Lynch Truck Center. Find the parts you need at the right price with our parts and service specials.
  • Faster Acceleration & Higher Horsepower: Gas engines are often quicker to accelerate and produce a higher amount of horsepower. This means more agility and improved time getting up to speed in a gas-powered truck.

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