How to Identify an Aisin Transmission

2020 RAM Chassis Cab in Field

Wondering about how to identify an Aisin transmission? Although it’s never a bad idea to ask an expert or use an official VIN lookup service, there’s one easy way to tell. All you have to do is open up the hood:

  • If your yellow dipstick handle is on the right side of your engine (the driver’s side), you’re likely looking at a vehicle with an Aisin transmission.
  • If your dipstick is just to the left of your engine, you’re most likely dealing with the 68RFE.

Still not sure? Look under the front wheel well on the driver’s side. Right above the driveshaft, you should see a badge that bears the AISIN name.

What is the Aisin Transmission?

Aisin transmissions are currently offered on a wide range of RAM trucks. Today, the most common options are the Aisin AS66RC, which is paired with RAM Chassis Cab models that use a 6.4L V8, and the Aisin AS69RC, which is paired with RAM Chassis Cab models that use the 6.7L Cummins diesel. These were introduced in 2014 and 2013, respectively.

Aisin AS69RC vs. 68RFE: Which Should You Choose?

There’s no automatic formula for finding the perfect new or used commercial truck, and now that you know how to identify an Aisin, you might be wondering if it’s actually the right choice! Start by comparing the gear ratios for the two most common transmissions that you’ll find in RAM Commercial trucks today:Aisin AS69RC

  • First gear: 3.75
  • Second gear: 2.00
  • Third gear: 1.34
  • Fourth gear: 1.00
  • Fifth gear: 0.77
  • Sixth gear: 0.63
  • Reverse: 3.54

Chrysler 68RFE

  • First gear: 3.23
  • Second gear: 1.84
  • Third gear: 1.41
  • Fourth gear: 1.00
  • Fifth gear: 0.82
  • Sixth gear: 0.63
  • Reverse: 4.44
AS69RC Aisin Transmission

Generally, drivers who have to tow or haul heavy loads like a transmission with a higher ratio on the first gear–and that victory clearly goes to the Aisin. However, there are a few other factors that you need to consider:

  • The Aisin transmission has an automatic transmission brake that can prevent you from rolling backward downhill.
  • The 68RFE tends to run at higher temperatures. However, it’s generally seen as the more reliable option. Maintenance schedules recommend fewer visits for the truck with a 68RFE.
  • Both transmissions have near-identical 6th gear ratios, which means that they’re roughly equally efficient when traveling on the highways near Milwaukee or Racine.

Who makes Aisin transmissions? Unlike the 68RFE, which is built by Chrysler, Aisin Seiki and Aisin AW build the Aisin transmissions for use in RAM trucks and other Chrysler vehicles. Interested in learning more about transmissions? Start by exploring the ins-and-outs of the dual-clutch transmission with our team.

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