What Are Commercial Truck Telematics?

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Telematics? You’ve probably heard the term if you’re in a business that uses commercial trucks, but just what are commercial truck telematics and what benefits do they provide? Essentially, they monitor a truck using GPS and onboard diagnostics. To find out more and discover why commercial truck telematics are useful, simply read on.

How Do Commercial Fleet Telematics Work?

Telematics systems include several key components, including a GPS receiver, engine interface, and SIM card. Connected hardware and sensors can be used to measure a wide range of factors, including:

  • Position
  • Speed
  • Trip Distance
  • Trip Time
  • Idling Time
  • Harsh Braking
  • Seat Belt Status
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Vehicle Faults
  • Battery Condition

That information is stored within the system and can be accessed at any time through a SIM card and modem in the device that enables communication over a cellular network.

What Benefits Do Telematics Companies Offer?

Now you know how commercial fleet telematics work, you’re probably wondering why you should give one of those telematics companies your business. Here are just a few compelling benefits:

  • Reduce FuelCosts: Fuel consumption is likely one of your biggest costs. Telematics allows you to direct routes more efficiently, reduce bottlenecking on job sites, reduce idling time, and even detect unauthorized vehicle use to cut down on gas consumption. That’s all true whether your drivers are in Racine or halfway across the country.
  • Reliable Maintenance: The cost and inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns and maintenance work can be huge. With telematics, you’ll be able to keep tabs on each commercial vehicle and receive alerts when attention is needed.
  • Improved Communication: Keeping in touch with drivers is now easier than ever. Telematics communication automates check-in procedures and gives managers access to relevant data whenever they require it. You can check the status of a truck in Northern Chicago when you’re sitting in an office in Milwaukee.
  • Added Safety: With the ability to bring emergency assistance right to the necessary site and the option to enforce seat belt usage, vehicle speed, and other safety measures, telematics can help keep you drivers protected from harm.
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