Cargo Van vs. Cube Van

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You’ll have plenty of options when picking out a commercial van, but one of the most important choices you’ll need to make is between cargo van vs. cube van. It helps to have all the relevant information laid out in front of you before making a decision. To make things simple and stress-free for Northern Chicago shoppers, here’s a quick overview covering the difference between cargo vans and cube vans.

What Are Cargo Vans & Why Should I Use One?

A cargo van is a one-piece vehicle; the cargo area and passenger area are one. This means the cargo area can be conveniently accessed from inside the vehicle. You’ll typically find them fitted with a sliding side door and rear doors for the loading and unloading of cargo. Most don’t have windows in the rear cargo area, and many use a cargo guard to separate the passenger area from the interior cargo area. Cargo van benefits include:

  • Smaller Size: This makes them easier to park in tight spaces and maneuver through crowded Milwaukee streets.
  • Direct Access: In a cargo van, you can reach back and pick out a tool or item from the cargo area while in the passenger section.
  • Familiar Handling: If you’re more used to driving a sedan between Racine than handling a commercial vehicle, the cargo van’s traditional handling should appeal.

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What Are Cube Vans & Why Should I Use One?

Unlike cargo vans, cube vans use a box-like cargo area that sits on the frame — that’s why they’re sometimes called box trucks or box vans. The cargo area is inaccessible from the interior, and the sides of the cargo area are straight. Most feature roll-up doors at the back. Cube van benefits include:

  • Greater Capacity: Since their sides are flat, cube vans can accommodate more cargo, especially stacked boxes.
  • Ideal for Bulky Items: Rolling rear doors make it easier to load and unload heavy or bulky items.
  • Advertising Space: Flat sides provide a great space for advertising.

Compare Cargo Vans vs. Cube Vans at Lynch Truck Center!

If you’re still unsure, the team at our Waterford showroom can help. Simply contact us today or apply for financing online. Remember, we offer used cargo vans, used cube vans, and plenty of other options, so make sure to consider our full inventory.

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