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chevy and hino commercial trucks

At Lynch Truck Center, we understand the importance of properly maintaining and keeping track of your commercial fleet in and around Northern Chicago. The best and easiest way to do this is through an integrated telematics system. Telematics blends the disciplines of telecommunications, safety, vehicle tech, and more to create a cohesive system that helps businesses effectively maintain, track, and record information regarding their commercial fleet. Let’s take a closer look at what Hino and GM offer, from Hino INSIGHT to GM Commercial Link and OnStar.


Standard on all 2017 and newer models, Hino INSIGHT is a premiere telematics system. With everything from remote diagnostics to proper case management systems, this is a must have for Milwaukee area businesses. By using customizable dashboards, you can get up to the minute data on your fleet, including:

  • Driver and Vehicle Data: Monitor important aspects such as idle time, total distance traveled, and even current fuel economy
  • Alerts and Vehicle Health: Allows you to monitor emissions, DPF regeneration, as well as get alerts about vehicle status including engine temperature, RPMs, DEF levels and much more
  • Comparison Tools: Make sure your Racine area fleet is up to industry standards by comparing your fleets numbers against industry guidelines, other industries, and even other fleets from varying geographic areas
  • Track and Manage Your Assets: Quickly respond to lost or stolen assets, unauthorized vehicle use, and file claims effortlessly thanks to the history report with Driver ID

INSIGHT is designed to make your fleet, and your business, more efficient. Manage your deliveries, vehicles, drivers, and more easily and efficiently with the amazing Hino INSIGHT telematics system. Learn more about Hino INSIGHT on their site, or find out who makes Hino trucks to explore their history of excellence.

GM: OnStar and Commercial Link

GM has been a mainstay of the commercial industry for years. With loads of great vehicles, specialized commercial trucks, and more, GM knows how important keeping your Waterford business in order is. Let’s see what GM telematics offer you.

  • OnStar
    • Fleet Safety and Security Plan
      • Automatic crash reports sent to an OnStar representative
      • Immediate emergency help for drivers
      • Aids with stolen vehicles, with notifications and assistance from authorities
      • Roadside assistance helps with emergency towing needs, fuel refills, jump starting, flat tires, and more
      • Voice-guided (if wanted) navigation can be sent directly to your drivers
    • Fleet Remote Access Plan
      • Remote vehicle access including remote start/stop, door unlocking, lights, and warning horns
      • Navigation tools, with voice-guidance if equipped
      • Real-time diagnostics
  • GM Commercial Link
    • Track maintenance needs, like tire pressure and engine status, and schedule service ahead of time
    • Monitor speed, average speed, and better gauge delivery times
    • Keep an eye on fuel levels, average consumption, and how often your fleet refuels
    • Plan routes, track vehicle location, and use real-time GPS
    • Effortlessly maintain vehicle data to allow for easier expense reporting

By combining the powers of OnStar and Commercial Link, GM fleets are primed to make your business a whole lot more efficient and smooth. Learn more about Commercial Link by visiting their website.

Connect Your Fleet at Lynch Truck Center

Creating efficiency in your business is integral to its success. Working with a commercial fleet means you need to seamlessly manage, track, and report on those vehicles. Hino INSIGHT and GM Commercial Link are two fantastic telematics systems to help you with that. Learn more by visiting our truck center in Waterford, or simply contact us online today!

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