Do I Need a Stake Bed Truck?

2019 silverado stake bed truck

There are plenty of commercial trucks available, so you’ll find a wide array of hauling options when you check out our local inventory. One type you’ll often run into is the stake bed truck, but you might be unsure exactly what makes this truck different from other types, why you might need one, and what they can handle. You might be wondering, “Do I need a stake bed truck?” Read on to discover:

  • What Stake Bed Trucks Are
  • Why People Use Stake Bed Trucks
  • Stake Bed Truck Specs

What is a Stake Bed Truck?

This is a surprisingly common question; luckily enough, it’s an easy one to clear up. Essentially, a stake body truck follows the design of a standard flatbed, but with sockets along the edge that allow upright stakes to be fixed. When the stakes are fixed, they form a fence around the cargo area.

Do You Need a Stake Bed Truck?

In general, stake bed trucks are an excellent choice for drivers who frequently find themselves carrying loads that are oversized, heavy, or oddly shaped. Just a few examples of common stake bed truck uses include:

  • Hauling produce, seed, hay, feed, livestock, timber, and farming equipment for agricultural work around Northern Chicago.
  • Hauling building materials, heavy equipment, and tools for construction work around Milwaukee.
  • Hauling flattened cars, flattened bikes, and heavy vehicle parts for automotive work around Racine.

Stake Bed Truck Weight Capacities

With the stake bed truck, having a larger body means the capability to handle greater loads, so we can roughly give you the specs for various truck sizes.

  • 8 ft. Stake Body: 1,815 pounds
  • 9 ft. Stake Body: 1,925 pounds
  • 10 ft. Stake Body: 2,035 pounds
  • 12 ft. Stake Body: 2,275 pounds
  • 14 ft. Stake Body: 2,540 pounds
  • 16 ft. Stake Body: 2,830 pounds
  • 18 ft. Stake Body: 3,090 pounds
  • 20 ft. Stake Body: 3,345 pounds
  • 22 ft. Stake Body: 3,645 pounds
  • 24 ft. Stake Body: 3,830 pounds
  • 26 ft. Stake Body: 4,005 pounds

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